a public dnscrypt server

hosted in the uk


dnscrypt.uk is a public DNSCrypt server hosted in the UK

from dnscrypt.info

DNSCrypt is a protocol that authenticates communications between a DNS client and a DNS resolver. It prevents DNS spoofing. It uses cryptographic signatures to verify that responses originate from the chosen DNS resolver and haven’t been tampered with. It is an open specification, with free and open source reference implementations, and it is not affiliated with any company nor organization. Free, DNSCrypt-enabled resolvers are available all over the world.

How to connect

Clients exist for linux, windows, osx, ios and android. All can be found here dnscrypt.info/implementations

Stamp IPV4


Stamp IVP6

servername dnscrypt.uk
providername 2.dnscrypt-cert.dnscrypt.uk
ipv4 address
ipv6 address 2a03:b0c0:1:e0::2e3:e001
protocol/port UDP and TCP, port 443


Status page available here dnscrypt status